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Order in theory lessons....  


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31/12/2003 12:57 am  

Hey everyone. I had a question. Can someone tell me the order of theory lessons, that is, which ones to read first and what comes after them? Maybe I'm just supposed to read them in order that they are listed. Although, if that is the case, I'm big trouble, cause the second lesson I read was quite difficult for me to understand.

Also, a suggestion/request for David: Hey David! I was just wondering, can you also add some modern easy songs, like maybe of late 90s? Or maybe songs from Nirvana, or maybe With or without you by U2? Its just a suggestion, cause even tough you lessons and songs are quite helpful in learning, they are not that commonly heard. If you choose new and "hip" songs, people might increase their interest. Just a thought. Thanks for reading!

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30/01/2004 12:47 pm  

Hi Fragger

Really sorry for the late reply here! If you're just starting out, try either "Theory Without Tears" or what I call "the Beginners' Theory Trilogy:"

The Musical Genome Project
The Power of Three
Building Additions (and Suspensions)

After that, it really depends on what you want to do. I'll be more than glad to make suggestions if you write again (or IM or email me directly).

As far as songs, I'll certainly try to get some more "updated" stuff in there. Please remember that I try to make these "lessons" as well as song lessons. One reason I've shied away from many newer songs is that, aside from being an exercise in power chords, there's not much to them as a lesson. But maybe I need to use my imagination a little more!



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