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[Sticky] "Formal" Thank Yous to Bob and Vic  


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29/10/2007 12:59 pm  

To Bob...

Thank you for spending a better part of the your time the last four years running the Sunday Songwriters Group. Thanks to you I've written songs that otherwise would not have ever even become ideas, let alone full fledged songs that I perform these days.

I hope that we'll be seeing you around on the SSG, whenever time permits, and that I can return the favor for you. :wink:

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29/10/2007 1:26 pm  

I'll add my thanks to David's, and agree 100% with him!

I've written over 80 songs -SSG songs, I've written others as well, but by far the greater output has been those SSG assignments -since I first dropped into the SSG one boring Sunday evening - some good, some not-so-good, some downright awful and more than a few keepers.....probably none of them would ever have seen the light of day without that initial spark of inspiration.

So a big thank-you from me, too, Bob, and looking forward to seeing some more of YOUR songs. What - you didn't think you were getting away that easily, did you!!!

:D :D :D


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29/10/2007 3:44 pm  

I've written less and less through SSG over the years but I've got a heap of lyrics and some ideas about turning them into finished products that wouldn't have existed but for...

Add my thanks to everybody else's Bob, we owe you

A :-)

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29/10/2007 5:53 pm  

and me...

I thought it was a great concept, if I do say so myself, but I had no idea how much work it would be. I burnt out quickly. Thank you so much for keeping the idea alive for so long. I really appreciate it.

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30/10/2007 7:58 pm  

Thanks Bob

If it wasn't for SSG , I would have never started writing songs and Bob always replied to every song posted that week . Lately I have been a little quiet but that does not mean I am not writing just concentrating on playing and singing a little more ...

I will miss your posts every week Bob ..

Thanks a million over the last few years


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30/10/2010 7:34 pm  

Before "officially" taking reins of the SSG for Year 9, I'd like to give Vic a big round of applause and I hope you all will join my in acknowledging the terrific job he's done here the past two years for the Sunday Songwriters' Group.

Speaking solely for myself, I can credit Vic with inspiring my last three decent songs (the ones that everyone says "Wow" about) and for getting more than three dozen tunes started that will (hopefully) become full-fledged songs at some point in the near future. Maybe even during Year 9! That's how it goes sometimes.

Vic will, of course, still be hanging out around here at the SSG. I'm hoping I can return the favor to him and that we'll get to see some more tunes from one of our more prolific SSG writers!

Cheers (as I'm told you say over there!), Vic! :wink:

And again, a big thank you from me for your work here at the Sunday Songwriters' Group.


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30/10/2010 11:12 pm  

I hope you all will join my in acknowledging the terrific job he's done here the past two years for the Sunday Songwriters' Group

I certainly will! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Thanks so much for your creativity and consistency in setting the assignments as well as critiques and encouragement over the last two years.


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31/10/2010 11:57 am  


Thank you so much for "Without Words" "It's not a love song" and "Romeo" probably the best songs I've ever written and all on your watch.

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31/10/2010 12:17 pm  

When I first came to SSG Vic was one of the first people I connected with.
At that time I thought he had been a part of this forever only to find out
he only been here a few months.

Through the years I feel I've gotten to know Vic as a Songwriter,
Mentor and although we've never met face to face a True Friend.

Thank You Vic for all you have done for me Guitar Noise and SSG.

8) 8) 8)


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31/10/2010 3:32 pm  

Vic, your SSG topics have run like clockwork for the past 2 years, a little corner of the internet I could always rely on. In fact as a fellow Brit I was often pleased to discover that you had posted the assignment on the Saturday night (GMT), meaning I could get a head start on crafting my lyrics!
I haven't been on form as often as I would have liked, but your topics have helped me add at least 10-15 songs to my repertoire. And for that I can only say a big thank you!


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31/10/2010 5:03 pm  

Vic, Here is to a happy retirement from moderating and hoping it will also allow you to concentrate back on writing.

I don't believe Vic is retiring from moderating. He's just not going to do the SSG, for which he has done an incredible job! Love you, Vic!

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08/11/2010 2:56 pm  

Hi Vic

I know I've not been around to support you as much as you supported me during my tenure but I was more than happy to see you'd taken over the reins of this group and kept it going. My thanks to you for maintaining the enthusiasm of this group are an echo of everyone else's.

Cheers mate you're a star.


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08/11/2010 4:57 pm  

Hey Vic,

thanks very much for stepping up and holding SSG together for the last couple of years, I appreciate the effort, thanks mate. Ive just been catching up on some of the news, glad to hear that Marilyn is on the mend, that must have been pretty hard for you during that time. Oh and good luck with the quiting smoking.


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