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Can you recommend some funk bands?  


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07/05/2011 5:07 pm  

I want to learn this style, so I want to listen to more and more bands, I already know;

Sly and the family stone,
Tower of Power

TOP are my favourite out of the list

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07/05/2011 5:16 pm  

A couple off the top of my head: The Meters, Earth Wind and Fire (Al McKay years; he's amazing), The Neville Bros, James Brown of course, AWB had a few good tracks...enjoy!


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08/05/2011 12:14 am  

Hm m m m.

Let's not forget Mandrill.




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08/05/2011 10:08 am  

Larry Graham's Graham Central Station, Kool & the Gang (early days), Nile Rodgers, with or without Chic, Sister Sledge...

And that makes me remember a band... Indeep, I think they only recorded a couple of songs more... and Imagination... and an awesome band called Delegation...

I have (or had) all those vinyls... almost are those old 12" or maxi-singles as we used to say... Ha! And Junior!

Cool basslines by Mandrill. And +1 on Boxboy's EWF!

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08/05/2011 11:23 pm  

To add to the list:
The Bar-Kays
The Ohio Players
The Commodores
Rufus and Chaka Khan
Con Funk Shun....
and for some Go-Go:
Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers
Meshell Ndgelocello

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27/08/2011 5:50 am  

Hello, I want to know that what are some good Funk bands i can listen to. Also tell, what are some good funk-rock bands/artists?

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28/08/2011 6:44 am  

Are you listening to the red hot chili peppers yet?

together we stand, divided we fall..........

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20/12/2011 3:04 am  

You were right with your very first comment:

Sly and the Family Stone

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