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Hi all  


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06/04/2012 10:24 am  

Hi all, I am new to guitars kinda.
I have always had them around the house since I was a kid, my father was a very good player that played in many bands with his Gretsch Round Up.
He always wanted me to pick one up but as a "busy" kid I never seemed to have the time or the "need" to pick one up.
What a fool I was, I had the best training situation right in my own house and I never even opened my eyes to see it for what it was.
Fast forward 30 years, I have a son now my self, I have a lot of memories and most importantly I have age and direction too, something I didn't have when I was young.
I would like to learn what my father wanted me to and I would like to do it along side of my son.
That said, I felt this is a good site to learn the trade, you guys have a great site here with loads of information so don't mind me I will be busy reading.
Talk with you soon.


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07/04/2012 6:17 am  

Hi Ken

Welcome to the forum. Learning the guitar alongside your son sounds like a great idea to me.