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Hello Again!  


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29/10/2019 5:35 pm  

Hello, Mike here. I was a frequenter of this community 10-15 years ago when I first picked up playing guitar, and then I got away from it (the community, not the guitar, thankfully). I re-discovered GN here recently; I did learn a lot from the site when I first started and met as lot of great folks on the board. So I hope to get back into the discussions here.

FYI, I play pretty much strictly acoustic, to accompany myself singing. I focus on classic rock and some folk and country. I've also written a number of songs. I've never played professionally, but I hope to graduate to the point where I could do some solo gigs- coffeehouse / restaurant type settings. I'm just not sure whether I'm at that point yet.

I'm having a little party this weekend where I'm going to play some stuff, hoping to get some feedback as to how I'm doing and where I might need to improve. In the past. people have told me that my guitar p[laying and songwriting were pretty decent but I needed to work on my voice. That was some time ago and I have been working on that. So we'll see how it goes.

Anyhow, nice to be back! I'm looking on this site for some more advanced rhythm guitar techniques that I can use to accompany my singing, to graduate beyond just strumming. I remember there were some good lessons along the lines, particularly those from David Hodge, which I intend to re-visit.

Be talking to you all!

Regards,Mike"Growing Older But Not UP!"

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30/10/2019 2:46 pm  

Hi, Mike,

Things are a lot quieter round here these days, but welcome back

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