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[Sticky] The best of GN (yeah, talking to YOU!) UPLOADED!  

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11/12/2009 5:34 am  

thanks for sharing!!

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12/12/2009 12:48 pm  

I was thinking, anyone up for a new version? Loads of folks have joined GN since the last one and I'm sure many of those who joined in last time have some new ideas. I learned a whole lot lately production-wise so if anyone is up for it I'll fire up a new topic for a brand new Best of GN. :D

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05/06/2011 8:28 pm  

could this one be added? or at elast voted for?

its something i wrote

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06/06/2011 3:12 pm  

Very cool 8) We did that about 4 years ago but feel free to post your original music on the Hear Here section.

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