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Repairing finish on Gibson Firebird VII  


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01/09/2012 3:29 am  

Hi all,

I had a question regarding repairing the finish on a Gibson Firebird VII I'd like to purchase from a seller. I've seen pictures of the guitar, and it seems to be in extremely good shape, with the exception of some wear on the side of the neck where the fretboard is attached. Initially, I thought it looked like actual cracking, but the seller informed me it is the paint checking around the neck. He also assured me that it was just the clear coat. I followed up by asking him if this was something that could be repaired, and he mentioned he wouldn't recommend repairing it as it could compromise the integrity of the guitar. I've been playing guitar for many years, but unfortunately don't know much about guitar repair. I would very much like to get this guitar and have this damage repaired if possible. It's not something I'd be doing myself, I'd be taking it to a professional. Still, I'd like to find out prior to purchasing if this is simple cosmetic damage which could be fixed relatively easily. I'd be willing to shell out some extra money to get it repaired properly. It seems to be happening on both sides of the guitar neck. I've included a link to some pictures below.

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01/09/2012 3:55 pm  

Red flags!!!!!

OK so if its a crack in the clear coat, its not a big deal to fix.... or not heaven bother... but the seller saying fixing it will compromise the intererity of the guitar???? Well that's just silly. A scratch is a feeling is its more and the seller is hiding something

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01/09/2012 6:33 pm  

It's worrying that the crack runs the length of the fretboard and turns in to end at the nut. It gives me the idea that maybe the fretboard is separating from the neck

Before parting with money, I'd want a luthier to look at the guitar.

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01/09/2012 7:09 pm  

That's a common wear point for bound necks as the binding is a soft material and allows the most flex in an area that is under the most stress on the guitar. Its an easier fix than it would be on a poly-finished guitar as you can drop finish those laquers and they're easy to match. I wouldn't boter to get it fixed until the head falls off. Because, lets face it, its a Gibson so there is a pretty good chance it will. But it won't cause any issues though it could become more and more severe and obvious.