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my guitar fell and SMASH  


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22/10/2008 12:25 am  

hi..well my lefty schecter c-1 artist fell flat on her face and the seam between the neck and the fingerboard cracked (on BOTH sides up to about the 2nd fret). if it was only cosmetic i wouldnt care but its very rough to the touch and might chip and cause more damage to that black hard candy shell

so i was going to put some super-glue in there and/or some clear nail polish, then some black nail polish..

any thoughts? if u need more or better pics lemme know. much thanks!

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22/10/2008 12:44 pm  

It might only be that the shock/compression stressed the neck/fingerboard enough to crack the finish at a vulnerable point, but it's nearly impossible to tell from a pic. And even if it is just finish damage, the unexperienced may find it very difficult to repair such damage the first couple times tried. So before doing anything else, take your axe to a luthier or good repair tech and have it evaluated for structural damage ... then repaired for that if necessary. Whether or not the structural repair (e.g., wicking/injecting the correct glue) is required, I believe pro luthier or tech will be able to do a pretty good job on that particular finish repair. If you try any lacquer or superglue, you might make it difficult to do a needed structural repair, as well as easily make the finish damage worse.

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23/10/2008 3:22 pm  

Cool thanks for the advice. I'll take it to the shop next to me and get an estimate.

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28/10/2008 7:10 pm  

Yeah, I would take to a luthier, and I wouldn't expect that fix to be more than $50 unless there is structural damage. Given that the guitar fell FORWARD and not back against the headstock you should be ok.

Good luck!

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