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Low E string (mainly) vibrates for wayyy too long (Epiphone SG electric)  


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24/06/2020 11:21 pm  

Hi guys, new to the forum - and electric guitar - and hoping to learn from the best!

My issue is this: a light pluck on some of my strings - but most notably the Low E - ends up with it "vibrating" for upwards of 20+ seconds. So even when I change from a basic G chord strum to a basic D chord, for a long while I can very clearly hear the Low E string going on and on and on. 

Surely this can't be natural?

It's an "old" e. guitar that had been barely touched for about 8 years. Less than 10 times if I was being generous. The rest of the time was being kept in a lukewarm room in a soft guitar case.

A week ago I sent it in to a big local music shop to have the strings changed - the shop guy told me he would help calibrate the truss rod as the neck was looking warped (unsurprisingly!) but at no extra charge as it would be included in the labor for the string-change. I would have thought it would sound better than this!

As a newbie, it took a while before I realize this doesn't sound right to me. I also thought it might have been my amp or cables. 

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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25/06/2020 1:56 am  

Fiddling with the truss rod won't have any effect on how long a string vibrates - just the straightness of the neck

A fresh string, on a guitar made from some decent wood, will vibrate for give-or-take 22 seconds. 

The change from G to D will sometimes leave the open 6th string vibrating as the hand comes away but comes off a bit sideways, dragging the string which then snaps back and sounds the lower tone. Aim to remove your hand from a chord in a vertical movement and get it in place quickly for your next chord; you may never "fix" the problem changing from G to D but aim to do as much as you can to reduce it.

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25/06/2020 4:33 am  

@alangreen Thanks for the sound advice. I'm kinda relieved it's just my playstyle that's likely causing it, which makes sense I guess.  

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09/09/2020 10:32 am  

First time I ever read a complaint about sustain!


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