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absolute best strat pickup set for blues  


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22/06/2020 7:41 pm  

hey guys
im selling my dear old les paul, ive decided that the strat really is my thing right now. so im gonna buy a strat purely for how great it feels and how resonant it is unplugged. i dont care if its a squier. well yeah, i do. im gonna make sure the components are pretty good. i dont want to gut the entire thing. but then im going to replace all the pickups to get a stevie ray/texas blues sound. what pickups are best? im sure duncan makes a great set. i was thinking about the antiquity texas hots with custom bridge surfer. but waht about van zandts? fralins? lollars? i was looking at the van zandt blues pus and the fralin blues specials and they are definitely candidates... they both end up being cheaper than the antiquity duncans once put in a set of 3 too.. so anyways opionions?

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