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What needs to change in my setup for Rockabilly?  

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I have been on the wall trying to figure out what piece of my setup to change / improve. I've been playing about 15 years and have been through a crapload of equipment, but more recently got into playing Rockabilly (Setzer, Gene Vincent, etc..) and have simplified my equipment.

Currently I have:
Gretsch G2420T-P90 (Hollow Body, Neck: P-90 Dog Ear, Bridge: Broad'Tron, Bigsby).
Mustang GT 40.

I have had a ton of guitars over the years, but I was interested in trying the Gretsch since it seemed to be a good fit. But, no matter as hard as I try to tweak the tone, I find the sound to be, what I can only describe as, dark, muddy and lacking presence.

The Mustang GT 40 isn't an amazing amp, but what do you think would be the best route to take?