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Tubescreamer alternative  


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24/02/2018 2:48 pm  

I was thinking about effects for tube simulation, like Tube Screamer etc. I found three cheap models. Which on is more "natural"?

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05/04/2018 9:21 am  

I found the Behringer TO-800 Tube Overdrive to be a good cheap alternative for the Tube Screamer. Might be worth checking out. The Behringer VT999 Vintage Tube Monster Effects Pedal has some good reviews as well, though I never tried it.

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23/07/2018 5:32 am  

The first one you posted the Xdrive pedal. sounded real muddy when heavily boosted I would just avoid it didn't sound pleasing at all.

The Electroharmonix did sound very nice good bite, with nice crisp leads.

I personally have a Digitech Bad Monkey Drive, which was a knock off of the TS, I got it very cheap. and it if you willing to shop ebay or used you can probably get one for around 20 dollars. Its a very stout pedal solid metal case and can take some abuse. Got that great Blues Drive sound. but not over saturated to the point where it seems like a Distortion pedal.


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