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Playing out of tune effect  


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07/11/2019 8:17 am  

Hello I’m new on this forum, and I started playing guitar 8 months ago after 2 years of composing and producing songs on Albleton. 

I’ve been wondering how certain guitarest manage to have a slightly out of tune guitar sound while they play, sounding lazy and harmonically out balanced but still remaining pleasant to hear. I’ve been trying with a chorus, phazer and a flanger but I don’t manage to reach this kind of sound with any of these effects, it certainly colors and brings some dissonance richness to it but doesn’t goal the feel I’m aiming to. So I was asking myself if  this sound technique is done while the guitarest is playing ? with is tremolo or pressuring with is naked hand the bridge, while the recording procedure ? or while the postproduction ? 

I’ll give yous some tracks so you could have an idea of the sound I’m looking for :


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