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[NEWBIE] Need help with turning notation into tablature for school song please!  


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04/10/2019 10:14 am  

Long story short I've been playing for only about 4 months now and I can't yet read notations but can read tablature perfectly fine and I've joined the music class group way too late and I need to have this song ready in about 2 days or so and it's fairly easy I just can't read the notations, any idea how I could turn them into tabs or if someone can kindly do them for me ?
Here's the song

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05/10/2019 4:37 pm  

Only just seen this, and only just found out how to use the Moderator tools in the new Forum format, so hope you've still got time.

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05/10/2019 8:37 pm  


someone on Reddit was kind enough to do them for me and although im not sure they are correct the school competition is now next week so I have extra time 

Here it is


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