Mr T...I saw him play a guitar once.

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Mr T...I saw him play a guitar once.

Post by Cat » September 6th, 2008, 11:01 pm

Yep...remember BA from "The A Team"??? I saw him captured by the bad guys...and he picked up an acoustic to idle away his time in stir. I was actually surprised that it wasn't dubbed and didn't sounf half bad. this is a deep question, folks...WHY don't the bad guys EVER take his freakin' jewelry?????

An enquiring mind (which is feebler by the day) wants to know!

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Re: Mr T...I saw him play a guitar once.

Post by Vic Lewis VL » September 7th, 2008, 1:38 am

Cat wrote:WHY don't the bad guys EVER take his freakin' jewelry????
They probably couldn't carry it - not many bad guys have a wheelbarrow handy. And possibly for the same reason that the good guy, having knocked out one of the bad guys, will never take his gun which might possibly come in handy when faced with another half a dozen or so bad guys!

Then again, the A-Team wasn't really strong on plot developement - or character developement - or anything else, come to think of it, though it did have a theme tune by Mike Post.

On a related topic, I didn't know until a short while ago that Steven Segal was a guitarist. I checked out some of his songs - nothing earth-shattering, but some of them were pretty decent.

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