Need help, Buying a New guitar Amp for recording.

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Rokas Dan
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Need help, Buying a New guitar Amp for recording.

Post by Rokas Dan » September 6th, 2014, 5:47 am

Okey, So i want to buy a new guitar amp for recording. I used to use my effects modeling pedal to record my guitar from a USB. I am not on a big budget some where around 405 EUR, its something around 532 USD. Now i Also have two condenser mics, one is a big diaphragm vocal mic and the other one is a pencil type instrument mic so i think i could also mic an amp to. I was looking for some warm clean tones and light rock tones so now i am thinking of these three amps, Fender mustang III, Fender mustang IV and Bugera v55 infinium which is a tube amp. So now i need some advice, which one would be most suitable for recording and has more advantages in my situation? Also if you have better suggestions feel free to tell them.

The Tone that i am looking mostly for is something like in this song:

More information about the amps that i was thinking about: ... i-v2-120v/ ... v-v2-120v/ ... INIUM.aspx

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Re: Need help, Buying a New guitar Amp for recording.

Post by Moonrider » September 9th, 2014, 7:03 am

I'm a BIG fan of keeping it simple as possible in the studio. My absolute favorite recording amp is an Epiphone Valve Jr. head. You can swap pre-amp tubes in and out to adjust how much gain it has. Paired with a cab of your choice, a good distortion/overdrive and a tremolo pedal it's good to go for just about anything.
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